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About Us

Event Medical group is a bold, innovative entity.  

Since 2014, EMG has been the premier provider for athletic training services across the state of Utah.


 We are a thriving community of licensed and certified athletic trainers that promote ourselves and our profession.  We take pride in providing the best medical coverage for our neighborhoods and ensuring a safe environment for athletic participation.

Why Do You Need a Certified Athletic Trainer?



  • Certified Athletic Trainers specialize in recognizing, evaluating, managing, and treating injuries sustained from physical activity.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers are educated in emergency care and injury prevention to ensure safe conditions for participation.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers are qualified to make return to play decisions.

  • Having a Certified Athletic Trainer on site dramatically reduces liability and emergency care costs should an injury or catastrophic incident occur.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers are required to graduate from an accredited university with a Bachelors degree or higher and pass a board certification exam specific to athletic trainers.

  • Every Certified Athletic Trainer must be licensed with the state of Utah to practice athletic training.  

  • Certified Athletic Trainers must earn continuing education credits to keep updated on their knowledge base.

  • Certified Athletic Trainers are flexible and adaptable.  They are prepared and ready for anything including environmental conditions and schedule changes.

Event Medical Group was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Roney, MS, ATC.  She began EMG to create a community of athletic trainers to provide medical coverage across the state, while creating supplemental employment and professional development for fellow ATs.  EMG is currently contracted with athletic trainers in locations from Logan to St. George. 
Jenn received her Bachelor's of Science at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA.  She moved to Utah in 2008 and graduated with a Master's of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences from the University of Utah in 2010.  
She is an American Red Cross First Aid/CPR instructor and a RYT-200 yoga instructor.
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