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Event Medical Group is committed to providing quality services to our neighborhoods and their athletic events.  We specialize in providing first aid tents, on-field medical coverage, and CPR certifications.  No matter what your specific needs are, the experts at Event Medical Group have got it covered!


Medical Tent


Medical Tents are located at a single, central location at your event.  Medical Tents will be staffed with at least two certified athletic trainers to provide appropriate triage and care to your event's participants.  Event Medical Group will provide the tent, a treatment table, minimal supplies for taping, general first aid, and ice bags, and an EMG Medical Tent Banner.  Medical Tents are a great asset to any event.  Click here to request your Medical Tent.



On-field Medical Coverage

On-field medical coverage is just that!  We provide licensed, certified athletic trainers right on the sidelines.  These experts are specifically trained to recognize, assess, and manage athletic injuries on the field and provide the safest course of action for your athletes.  

On-field medical coverage requires at least one Certified Athletic Trainer schedule per field at your event.  These Athletic Trainers will bring a small medical kit with minimal supplies.  On-field Athletic Trainers will run on the field for an injured athlete, manage weather and lightning safety, and perform sideline clearance evaluations for injuries sustained during your event.  

On-field Athletic Trainers will NOT bring tents, treatment tables, or injury ice.  Special negotiations for your event may be arranged.  Click here to request your medical coverage.

CPR Training


Event Medical Group is an authorized provider of American Red Cross courses.  Currently, we have several instructors that offer the following courses:

Adult, Child, and Infant:

CPR, First Aid, AED, Anaphylaxis and Epinepherine Auto Injector Certifications

BLS for Healthcare Providers

Does your staff need CPR or First Aid Training?  Request a training to get a quote and more information.

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